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LED lamp energy saving principle
    In the 21st century, people began to advocate environmental protection and energy conservation. Lamps, nowadays generally use LED lamps with good energy-saving effects. Why can LED lamps save energy? The principle of illumination is different, the power conversion efficiency is different, so the power consumption is different!
    1. The working principle of incandescent lamps is:
    Since less than 10% of the energy of incandescent lamps becomes light, the remaining 90% of the energy is converted into useless heat. The light energy is radiated by the heat energy, and the working process is to heat the temperature of the filament to 2000 กใ C or higher by the electric current, and emit light like the red iron can emit light. In this process, a large amount of electrical energy is converted into thermal energy, and only about 10% of the electrical energy can be converted into useful light energy.
    2. The working principle of fluorescent lamps is:
    Fluorescent lamps are much more efficient than incandescent lamps, close to 40%, and produce only one-sixth the heat of incandescent lamps of the same brightness. In a closed gas discharge tube containing argon (argon or helium) gas and mercury, the temperature of the filament is heated to about 1000 กใ C by an electric current, and the filament coated with the electron powder starts to emit electrons to collide with the argon atom and obtain energy, argon. After the atom hits the mercury atom, the transition produces ionization, and the ultraviolet light excites the phosphor coated on the wall of the gas discharge tube to emit white light. The electro-optical conversion efficiency of the fluorescent lamp is about 25%, which is about twice that of the same power tungsten wire lamp.
    3, LED lamp is the use of LED lighting, is a semiconductor device that can directly convert electrical energy into light energy, it converts 90% of the electrical energy into light energy after power-on, and the remaining department of electrical energy generates a small amount of thermal energy when the semiconductor device works. The electro-optic conversion efficiency is as high as 90%. In short, the LED energy-saving lamp does not need filament heating, is a cold light source, distinguishes the working principle that the other lamps must emit light, and abandons the process of converting electrical energy into heat energy and then converting it into light energy, directly converting electric energy into light energy, producing the same brightness. In the case of less energy. Therefore, LED energy-saving lamps are more energy efficient than other lamps.
    Compared with fluorescent lamps, LED lamps do not contain mercury, which is open and bright, normally open and non-destructive, and difficult to break, all superior to fluorescent lamps.
    White LED lamps have a long life and relatively low power consumption. LEDs are small in size, and they are not only more flexible when designing lamps, but they can easily average light distribution [9] with smaller mirrors and lenses, even without reducing energy efficiency.
    LED lamps do not have glass tubes, and internal components are securely mounted and are not susceptible to shocks and impacts. Some drive circuit designs allow the LED lamp to adjust the light and darkness, and the required current has no lower limit, and can maintain the operation of the lamp, so the adjustable range is large.
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