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Light Venus is a trusted manufacturing partner in the global lighting industry with well-established production facilities. Our capabilities include product development, SMT assembly, LED circuit production, rotational molding, injection molding, aluminum extrusion, product assembly, quality assurance, testing, certification, warehousing, shipping and more. We have designed and produced a broad range of creative LED lights products for international branded companies.

15000 square meter workshop in Zhongshan
15000 square meter workshop in Zhongshan
Light Venus has well-established rotational molding line
Highly Versatile Rotational molding workshop
New rotational molding machinery
 20 years experience in injection molding design and manufacturing
Care detailed requirements on the LED lights products in production
Custom packaging for LED lights products
Shipping LED light products to international reputed companies
Light Venus has an excellent team of 500 motivated people
Light Venus has a highly specialized engineers team
Highly Precise Integrating Sphere Spectroradiometer for Testing LED Lights Products
Programmable Rain Test Chamber for Testing the Waterproof Performance.
LED printed circuit boards on site
Well organized storage and warehousing
LED lights products streamlined assembly lines
LED lights products functional testing
In production quality control processes
Highly trained operator
SMT Assembly
Technical Support: Magic Lamp
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